Product Code: 1308-38-9

Chrome Oxide (Green)

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Chrome Oxide Specification:

Synonyms Green Chrome Oxide
Formula Cr 2 O 3
CAS No. 1308-38-9
EINECS No. 215-160-9
Appearance Bright green, extremely hard crystals
Typical Analysis Fine Superfine
Assay Cr 2 O 3 99% Min. 99% Min.
Water Soluble Matter 0.1% Max. 0.1% Max.
Fe (as FeO) 0.08% Max. 0.08% Max.
Aluminium Oxide (Al 2 O 3 ) and Silicone Oxide (Si0 2 ) 0.15% Max. 0.15% Max.
Zinc (Zn) 0.002% Max. 0.002% Max.
pH 6-8 6-8
Other Solubles 0.25% Max. 0.25% Max.
Particle Size (typical) Fischer 1.3-1.5 micron <1.00 micron
Mesh Size 90-95% <200 mesh 99% <250 mesh
Packaging 30kg woven polypropylene bags with plastic liner