Product Code: 12125-02-9

Ammonium Chloride

Chemisphere Limited is a leading Ammonium Chloride supplier.
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Ammonium Chloride supplier

A leading independent chemical distributor and international agent for Ammonium Chloride, Chemisphere Limited has all the knowledge, resources, and experience typically associated with a long-standing chemical distribution company.

We supply competitively priced Ammonium Chloride suitable for use in metal treatment applications.  Furthermore, as a FEMAS Accredited Ammonium Chloride supplier, we also supply 'feed' grade material. We are happy to provide Ammonium Chloride product specifications, Ammonium Chloride samples, and Ammonium Chloride Safety Data Sheets upon request.

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Chemisphere Limited's commitment to Quality, Environment, Feed Safety, Responsible Care, and Health and Safety can be observed throughout each stage of order, supply, distribution, warehousing, and transportation.

Ammonium Chloride Supply Specification

Synonyms Ammonium chloride
Formula NH 4 Cl
CAS No. 12125-02-9
EINECS No. 235-186-4
Appearance Fine, White crystals
NH 4 CL Not less than 99.7%
NaCL Less than 0.2%
Ash Less than 0.25%
Moisture Less than 0.1%
Iron (Fe) Less than 3 ppm
Packaging 25kg bags
Material contains an anti-cake which is slightly soluble.