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With over 30 years' experience, Chemisphere Limited is a major Barium Carbonate supplier. And as a leading independent chemical distributor and agent for Barium Carbonate, Chemisphere Limited has all the expertise and knowledge associated with an established chemical distribution company.

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Barium Carbonate Supply Specification

Chemisphere Limited is a leading Barium Carbonate supplier and will supply Barium Carbonate upon demand to both Europe-based customers and those located further afield.

With an established international network, Chemisphere Limited offers timely Barium Carbonate supply solutions.  Please review the Barium Carbonate specification detailed below.  Alternatively, for further Barium Carbonate supply information, please call +44 (0) 151 348 2010 or click Barium Carbonate Supplier to contact the Chemisphere Ltd team.

Synonyms Barium Carbonate    
Formula BaCO 3    
CAS No. 513-77-9    
EINECS No. 208-167-3    
Appearance White powder    
Typical Analysus      
Grade General Precipitated Free Flow
Assay (BaCO 3 ) 99.6% Min 99% Min 99.2% Min
Strontium (Sr) 0.1% Max    
Sodium (Na) 0.01% Max    
Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO 3 ) 0.005% Max    
Iron (Fe) 0.0005% Max 0.004% Max 0.004% Max
Chlorides (Cl) 0.005% Max    
Total Sulphur   0.3% Max 0.3% Max
HCl insolubles 0.02% Max 0.25% Max 0.25% Max
Loss on Ignition (800 o C x 1hr) 0.4% Max    
Moisture (100 o C x 2hr) 0.1% Max 0.3% Max 0.3% Max
Bulk Density (g/cm 3 )   1.21 1.48
Particle Size 1.5µ average 3-5µ  
Packaging 25kg bags 25kg & 1000kg bags 25kg & 1000kg bags
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